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Student Development Services

Student Council

It refers to the student body duly organized and elected at large by the students themselves, with due recognition and authority from the university, as the students’ official representative in matters affecting them.  

The Student Council will exercise its rights to govern themselves as an organization to be transparent and accountable to their constituents; and be represented in various forms where the students need to be consulted. 

Student Organizations and Activities

It means the recognition or accreditation, supervision and monitoring of student groups including the evaluation of their activities. These activities include leadership programs, student publications, student organizations, sports development, volunteerism, peer helper program, etc.

Leadership Training

It is composed of programs and opportunities to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness in the personal level and student organizations. 

Student Publication/Year Book

It denotes to the official publication/organ/journal/yearbook and such other student oriented print and non-print media of the university.  The establishment and implementation of Student Publication shall be supported by the university as provided for in RA 7079. It also includes other media and yearbook production which are within the framework of self-management. 

Student Discipline

It refers to the judicious implementation of the institutional rules and regulations governing student behavior and conduct.  These rules and regulations shall be gender and disability sensitive which are formulated in consultation with students and faculty, and published in Student Manual that is accessible and well-disseminated to students, faculty and concurred by parents.  Furthermore, these rules and regulations define appropriate student conduct and prescribe sanctions for misconduct such as but not limited to acts of vandalism, exaggerated utterances, irresponsible and libelous statements and other negative acts of militancy that threaten peace and order and private and public properties inside and outside the university.