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The eight (8) development goals are in alignment with the mandated services of the university (Instruction, Research, Extension, Production) and contribute to the attainment of the higher education sub-sector goals, to wit: the formation of high-level human resource, and generation, adaptation, and transfer of knowledge and technology for national development and global competitiveness.

Upgrade the quality of instruction with emphasis on Science, Technology and Innovations 

Provide responsive and pro-active Student Programs and Quality Services for optimum student welfare and development

Intensify human capability development for research and innovation

Imbibe research attitude in the university

Develop and sustain a culture of research and innovation

Implement responsive extension programs/projects/ activities for sustainable development

Generate sustainable revenue streams to implement SLSU Development Plans and programs

Enhance the transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of the Management System 


The following objectives are the operational definition of the goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bounded) to realize the mission and vision of the university;

Goal 1Goal 2Goal 3Goal 4Goal 5Goal 6Goal 7Goal 8

1. Increase the number of undergraduate and graduate curricular programs that highlight Science, Technology and Innovations;
2. Transform all existing curriculum to be aligned with Science, Technology and Innovations.

1. Ensure relevant and responsive student formation and   development programs and services needed to promote students’ well-being.
2. Strengthen students’ capabilities and skills in leadership, personal and social responsibility areas for sustainable development. 
3. Strengthen internal and external partnerships with target organizations for sustainable student program and services.
4. Continuously enhance student services and programs based on student needs in order to improve the quality of student life.

1. Increase technical, financial and infrastructure support to university researchers to achieve the level of demonstration in the production of patents, inventions, utility models, industrial designs and other scientific knowledge that are relevant for community development.

1. Strengthen implementation of policies that regulate and ensure consistent production of research and innovation

1. Increase the number of faculty, staff and students engagements in research and innovation activities

1. Increase the number of faculty and staff engagements in research-based extension programs/projects/ activities (PPAs);
2. Increase the number of industry collaboration in the implementation of extension PPAs;
3. Improve the adoption rate of packaged technologies;
4. Improve impact of extension PPAs based on social, economic, environmental, and political parameters; and
5. Achieve high level of satisfaction in the implementation of  relevant intervention for sustainable development

1. Provide venues for faculty, staff and students to hone their business acumen (YES, BEE HIVE);
2. Increase viable business and economic enterprises (BEEs);
3. Maximize the utilization of the university’s human and physical assets with resource generation potential (service facilities, specialist-based operations);
4. Promote commercialization of developed technologies;
5. Engage into venture capital through Public-Private Partnership (PPP); and
6. Revitalize other doable resource generation activities in partnership with Alumni Affairs and Industrial Relations Office (grants, sponsorships, donations & fundraising).

1. Improve public information services and practices 
2. Enhance Human Resource Management System
3. Apply IT-based Systems in the delivery of services
4. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of managers, faculty and administrative staff; 
5. Sustain the standardized processes and procedures
6. Improve efficiency in fiscal governance
7. Increase linkages/collaborative ventures with national and international organizations
8. Modernize and upgrade physical plant/ facilities and services